Standard Air Acetylene Kit

WOR: 331804     

  • Built-in durability and performance
  • All brass piston regulator provides consistent performance
  • Metal strain relief keeps hose from kinking at fittings
  • High performance swirl flame tips with replaceable burn tips produce maximum heat output
  • GaugeGuard protects 2″ Easy Read Gauge
Operation Manual:

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WOR Prod. No. Description Tips Included
331804 Air Acetylene Kit A3 3/16" & A11 7/16" Swirl Flame Tips
331807 Air Acetylene Kit A5 1/4" & A14 1/2" Swirl Flame Tips
331952 Air Acetylene Kit A5 1/4" Swirl Flame Tip and B-MC Adapter
331956 Air Acetylene Kit AA800 5/16" Self-Igniting Tip

Tip size and quantity vary by kit. See chart above.