Air Propane / Propylene Kits

WOR: 331950     

All kits include the following:

  • All Brass Piston Regulator with GaugeGuard and 2″ Easy Read Gauge
  • 12-1/2′ Hose with Metal Strain Relief
  • AP Handle
  • One or More Swirl Flame Tip or Self-Igniting Swirl Flame Tip
  • Tank Not Included
Operation Manual:

Air Propane Map Pro Kit

WOR Prod. No. Description Tips Included
331950 Air Propane / Propylene Kit LP3 3/8" & LP5 3/4" Swirl Flame Tips
331966 Air Propane / Propylene Kit LP4 1/2" Swirl Flame Tip
331955 Air Propane / Propylene Kit LP300 3/8" Self-Igniting Swirl Flame Tip
331963 Air Propane / Propylene Kit LP400 1/2" Self-Igniting Swirl Flame Tip

Tip size and quantity vary by kit. See chart above