Industrial Alloys

WOR: 331878    

  • Consists of one or more non-ferrous metals in various proportions
  • Babbitt/Pewter can be used for lining bearings
  • A high Tin alloy is desirable for heavy or high speed bearing loads

Quality Control

  • All product is metal imprinted with the noun name abbreviation and the lot #
  • Certificate of Analysis and Certification to Specification available if required

Certificate of Conformance
Related Products

Babbit-Pewter-Tin-Industrial Alloys

WOR Prod Description Alloy Carton QTY
331878 Pure Tin Bar Sn100 70 lb
331873 #3 Babbitt (Willard #3) Genuine Sm 5.5# Ingot Sn87 Sb10 Cu3 55 lb
331876 B23-G2 89/7.5/3.5 Babbit Lg 17.5# Ingot Sn89 Sb7.5 Cu3.5 35 lb
331877 B23-G2 Babbit Sm 5.5# Ingot Sn89 Sb7.5 Cu3.5 55 lb
331875 4x Nickel Babbit Sm 5.5# Ingot Sn89 Sb7.5 Cu3.0 Ni0.5 55lb
331874 #4 Babbit Pb96 Sn4 S8.5# avg Sm Ingot Pb96 Sb4 50 lb
331879 Univ Babbit B23-G7 8.5# avg Sm Ingot Pb75.5 Sb15 Sn9.5 50 lb