Non-stop brazing

with a lot less waste and a lot less wasted time.

We’ve developed a way to make silver phosphorus copper brazing alloy more ductile and to offer it in 5, 10, & 22-foot coils. The result is QuickCoil® Ductile Brazing Alloy, the perfect alternative to those stiff traditional brazing rods that waste time and money.

The advantages are perfectly clear:

Up to 22 feet of continuous brazing.

No more time wasted swapping out 20-inch rods. That’s pure productivity.

Waste drastically reduced.

With rods, you lose up to 20% of your alloy in stubs that you throw away or braze together. QuickCoil cuts waste to near zero.

Easy bending with no preheating required.

Just finger-bend it any way you want.

Easy staging and storage.

Just loop QuickCoil over your tank between jobs — no need for extra storage containers.